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tkd is one of the few domestic companies that have the qualification to operate the import and export business of civil explosive equipment and raw materials. relying on the blasting equipment production sister companies under the mother company, and with the domestic major explosive equipment and raw materials manufacturers of long-term strategic cooperative relations, tkd can supply most of the explosive equipment and raw materials on the market with good quality and quantity. at the same time, with sufficient experiences under dangerous goods regulations, tkd has formed its own unique advantages in dangerous goods import and export approval, domestic and international transportation, and ports operation. these ensure tkd can provide customers with safe, efficient, high quality service. tkd has earned a good reputation in explosive industry, and its customers are all over many countries and regions in asia, africa, oceania and south america.
tkd actively promotes the mode of strategic cooperation, and constantly improves the advantages and core competitiveness of the company.
in order to achieve mutual benefit and establish common beneficial relationship, shanxi pingshuo coal chemical energy company(hereinafter referred to as pingshuo) and tkd signed a long-term development agreement for strategic cooperation ,and tkd built an office in the factory of pingshuo, which is in charge of  the business of sales of ammonium nitrate as an exclusive agency.
pingshuo is near a number of large coal mines, which is expected to play an important role of pingshuo group (the parent company of pingshuo). besides, pingshuo has domestic advanced level of ammonium nitrate production line and related equipment. its annual production of porous prilled ammonium nitrate and chemical pure ammonium nitrate reached 400 thousand tons totally, which provides a strong support to tkd on for source of goods.
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