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source:translated by feng sheng author:li bo song 2019-03-07

recently, jizhou district economic work and tianjin "shuangwan shuangfu promoting development" (10,000 cadres, 10,000 enterprises, service enterprises, service projects, promoting development) activities mobilization meeting was held. at the meeting, the top 10 industrial enterprises in terms of tax contribution in 2018 were commended. tkd was awarded the title of "top 10 industrial enterprises in terms of tax contribution" and won the rmb 50,000 yuan cash award. this is the full affirmation of the people's government of jizhou district for the company's operation performance in 2018 and the outstanding contribution made by the company in promoting the economic development of the district!

it is reported that tkd abides by integrity and pays taxes according to law. while maintaining a good development trend, it actively undertakes social responsibilities, and contributes to the economic development of jizhou district.
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