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source:translated by feng sheng  author:yang xue 2019-03-07

recently, tkd dg team sent good news back to the company: the negotiation between tkd and yangmei group taiyuan chemical new material co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as yangmei taihua) regarding pure benzene supply business has reached a successful result. the first 300 tons of pure benzene supply contract implementation has been started on january 13, and is expected to complete the delivery and bill settlement within one week.

according to the preliminary estimation, at the present stage, tkd supplies 2,000 tons of pure benzene to yangmei taihua per month, with the value of 12 million yuan, and will gradually increase the supply in the later stage according to the actual production situation. the smooth development of pure benzene supply has laid a foundation for tkd to act as the agent of yangmei taihua about ammonium nitrate sales, added a major project for tkd's trade chain extension scheme, and did a good contribution to the completion of the company's business target in 2019.

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