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source:translated by feng sheng author:li hui fang 2018-11-23

since the beginning of "100-day attack" activity, tkd has successfully signed 16 export orders of ammonium nitrate in the past two months, exporting nearly 12,000 tons of ammonium nitrate and getting over 3 million us dollars sales revenue. customers are throughout australia, papua new guinea, philippines, malaysia, pakistan and some other countries.

like the fierce competition in the sailboat race, the valiant is always in the former. the strong growth of import and export business benefits from the company's preliminary exploration of creating an import and export platform. the import and export sales team keeps a close eye on the international market trend, strengthens the communication with upstream manufacturers and end customers, and also benefits from the sales team's spirit of taking on responsibilities, acting boldly and making selfless contributions. it is reported that the company still has a number of export intention orders under discussion. the sales team will continue to maintain the momentum of import and export business growth and resolutely win the battle of "100-day attack".
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