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source:translated by feng sheng author:li hui fang 2018-09-30

recently, tkd exported more than 60 tons of industrial ammonium nitrate from erenhot to mongolia. this marked the beginning of the product delivery phase of the industrial ammonium nitrate trade order signed with ochir undraa of mongolia.

after nearly two years of efforts, tkd successfully entered the mongolian ochir undraa's list of qualified suppliers and signed orders in september this year. after this batch of industrial ammonium nitrate passed the customer’s inspection successfully, tkd will establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with ochir undraa of mongolia.

it is understood that the successful delivery of this order will further expand tkd’s influence in the ammonium nitrate market in mongolia, improve the international visibility of the company's brand, and lay a solid foundation for the continuous expansion of the international market.

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