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source:translated by feng sheng author:yang xue 2018-09-11

recently, the dangerous chemical team of tkd went to taihua new material co., ltd. of shanxi yangmei group (hereinafter referred to as tnm) to communicate and exchange thoughts on the market development of pure benzene (hydrogenated benzene).

through communication, tnm has fully affirmed tkd's brand image and supply capacity in the industry, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the sales after the production of ammonium nitrate and the "barter" trade with pure benzene. both sides expressed hope to establish a good cooperative relationship and achieve mutual benefits. after the exchange, the relevant departments of tnm handled the supplier access procedures for tkd.

it is reported that the dangerous chemical trade is one of the important business sectors of tkd, and the annual revenue accounts for about 50 percent of tkd's total revenue. however, self-operation is the shortcoming of this business. after establishing a cooperative relationship with tnm, it will effectively alleviate the shortage of independent management ability on dangerous chemicals and improve the ability level of developing end customers.
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