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source:translated by feng sheng author:hao yang 2018-09-05

on the morning of september 2, tkd held the general meeting of shareholders and elected the third board of directors of the company. on the same day, tkd held a meeting of the new board of directors and elected the new management team with hu longhua as the president.

after the establishment of the new board of directors, the new board of directors at the first time indicated that they should focus on the main advantages, put forth effort on the construction of ammonium nitrate trading platform and import and export platform, and attract traders in all industry to achieve win-win development through better services and more convenient resource advantages.

in fact, tkd founded six years, with the high quality service, good credit evaluation, won the praise of customers, business performance significantly increased, at the end of 2018 is expected to achieve business income of 800 million yuan, the operating profit of 8.3 million yuan. tkd's business scope are including civil explosives, detonators, bulk raw material, benzene, amine and other dangerous chemicals, and also with metal materials, building materials, coal, rare earth, lubricating oil and so on more than 100 varieties.
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