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author:feng sheng 2020-03-11

        during the chinese spring festival of 2020, an epidemic of new coronavirus hit china, causing business disruption in many industries and imbalance between supply and demand. in the face of the sudden outbreak, the communist party and the central government of china have made resolute decisions and urgent arrangements, and mobilize the whole country's efforts to combat the epidemic.

        in the face of the outbreak of the epidemic, the import and export business of tkd is just in a bad situation. the bulk carrier which needs to be loaded of 2000 tons of ammonium nitrate signed last monthis going to be arrived at the port on schedule, and it is in urgent need of shipment for export.


        by that time, road closure measures were taken. most of the ammonium nitrate manufacturers said they could not provide transportation service. as the shipping date is approaching day by day, can the ship be loaded or not? isolated from their homes, the tkd’s business men are on pins and needles, looking for solutions on their phones. after careful verification of all aspects of the situation, they quickly report to the company management.after careful consideration, a decision is made resolutely: get it loaded!

        as a strategic partner of tkd,the factory which is chosen to produce the goods, said they would fully support on manufacturing. the situation of the port has been made clear, and the application for arranging customs declaration will be made on the first day after the port resumed work. the real difficulty is domestic transport - what are the road restrictions? could there not be enough transport vehicles because most drivers are quarantined at home?


        positive action is the only answer to these problems! tkd gives full play to its own advantages, fully mobilize the transport resources accumulated over years of operation, and successfully contact some transport vehicles. but no one knows for sure what the roadrestrictions are like. after fruitless consultations, tkd decided to send two vehicles as advance troops to investigate the road situation. through their unremitting efforts, they have finally found out which provinces' highway sections are passable and which sections are forbidden, and successfully mapped out a reasonable route to the port, which has accumulated valuable experience for all the transportationvehicles coming soon.


        under the premise of doing a good job in all aspects of epidemic prevention and control measures, the factory began to load vehicles carefully. however, the weather is not fair, when the first batch of vehicles arrived at the port to unload, wind and snow came!the port area stopped all operations. tkd business men did not despair at this time, since the decision is made, they must stick to it!they tried their best to appease the driver on one hand; on the other hand, they actively communicated with the ship owner and extended the loading time. finally, they passed the difficult days and waited until the clouds clear. as the ship loading iswell underway,the problem is coming in the factory, the vehicles appeared a discontinuity, and more vehicles can’t be found. tkd business men came forwardonce again, they contacted drivers one by one to persuade them to unremitting efforts,it finally gatheredenough vehicles. after more than ten days and nights of hard work, all the goods were finally loaded onto the ship and the export mission was successfully completed!

         enterprise is just like people, integrity is the fundamental. tkd carries not only goods, but also a kind of integrity! it once again with the spirit of never say die, writes a moving chapterfull of positive forge ahead and overcoming difficulties!

        since ancient times, the chinese nation has been brave enough to be fearless of wind and rain. we are confident that the chinese people will achieve the ultimate victory in fighting against the new coronavirus epidemic at an early date thanks to their courageous spirit of unity and hardworking!

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