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source:translated by feng sheng author:li bo song 2019-05-22

may 20, tianjin customs organized china's foreign trade export leading index survey sample enterprise's announcement conference, issued certificate to the sample enterprise. tkd was invited to participate in, and was awarded by the general administration of customs “the forerunner of china's foreign trade export index sample enterprises” title. at the same time, tkd obtained policy incentives for six priority measures such as priority to be issued commodity catalogues for customs statistics, and priority to be accepted enterprises' applications for customs authentication and so on.

it is reported that, the survey, led by the general administration of customs, selected 3,000 key enterprises from the country's hundreds of thousands of export enterprises. a total of 77 enterprises in tianjin were selected. winning the title of "sample enterprise" will mean being able to enjoy preferential service initiatives in terms of convenient customs clearance, data service, certification management and foreign trade situation analysis, and will also provide more convenient conditions for tkd on export business.

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