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welcome to the website of tianjin taikedun civil blasting equipment co., ltd.(hereinafter referred to as ”tkd”) thanks for your attention and support to tkd!

as a state-owned holding company, tkd is the only one company in tianjin china which has the qualification of import & export and domestic sales of civil explosives. over the years, we earnestly implement the plan for the collaborative development of beijing-tianjin-hebei in china, set up idea of "create wealth, serve society, benefit employees", concentrate on the economic works, vigorously promote management innovation and institutional innovation, enterprise scale keeps growing, the quality and efficiency of enterprise development is improved obviously, the quality of employee’s life is bettered steadily.

tkd takes the good faith management as the foundation, has primarily formed three business sectors of civil blasting equipment business, dangerous chemical business, and import & export business. during the period of the thirteenth five-year plan, with the concern and support of friends from all circles, tkd constantly optimized the mechanism, enlarged business scale, remarkably enhanced economic strength. in the face of increasingly fierce competition in domestic and international markets, we will continue to adhere to the concept of "safety development, green development", with the enterprise style of "pragmatic and responsible, concise and efficient" and enterprise spirit of "challenge ourselves and be creative ", tkd will keep the pioneering spirit and forge valiantly ahead to achieve the domestic first-class, internationally competitive trading company.

in the process of continuous development and expansion, tkd gets lots of recognition, concern and support of friends from all circles. on behalf of tkd, we continue to welcome all friends from all walks of life to visit, communicate and cooperate. moreover, we welcome all friends of insight to join us!

friends! let's join hands for mutual benefit and development!

                                             president and general manager:hu longhua

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