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The sport of Predator hunting has been around for decades, but in recent years it has really become popular. There are numerous DVD's and VHS tapes that will teach you how, if you don't know. One of the most important items to have along when predator hunting, is the call. A good call will bring the prey right into your lap. I strive to produce the best calls I can and guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase or your money back.

These calls are fashioned from exotic and domestic woods and are individually turned by me on my lathe. Each is hand sanded and polished to a lustrous finish. They will need to be periodically waxed as you use them, just as you wax the fine wood in your home. The closed reed predator calls use the JC Reed for easy change out if necessary. The pictures are of calls I have made and are typical. If interested in a style, contact me.